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Have you ever plagued by disgusting mice and pests day and night? Have you ever been worried that chemical sprays and poison will do harm to children and pets? Then this ultrasonic mosquito repellent will be your perfect choice. It can emit 20KHz-65KHz ultrasonic to effectively upset and threaten the mice and bugs, and then force them to get away. No-toxic, environment-friendly and safe for people.

Smart Ultrasonic Technology

Use ultrasonic sound to repel mice, spiders, rats, roaches, ants, mosquitoes, fleas, flies, bugs and insects. No harm to people or pets.

Large Coverage Area

One unit of the mouse repellent covers an area up to 100-150 square meter.

No Noise

The sound emits from this unit is only audible to pests and rodents. human and pets won't hear any sound.

Flame Retardant ABS

High temperature and break resistant, no toxic and odorless, safe and durable for use.

Plug and Play

Easy to use, just plug the pest repeller in and it will work.

Wide Application

Suitable for home, office, hotel, storehouse, hospital, dining room and etc.


Material ABS
Output Frequency 20KHz-65KHz
Voltage 90-110V/60Hz, 180V-250V/50Hz
Working Area 100-150 square meter
Product Size 90mm x 53mm x 44mm
Package Contents 1 x Mosquito Repellent

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