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Desktop Punching Ball is a kind of fitness exercise that is easy to learn. Long-term practice can exercise your sensitivity and quick reflection ability, also can increase the flexibility of the muscles and the overall coordination of the body. Most of all, it is helpful for releasing stress.

Add Some Joyful to Your Daily Life

With this creative and unique accessory, you can easily get the attention of your clients, coworkers and friends. You can play it as a game, you will release your stress and feel ready for your next challenge.

Healthy Life Style

Through simple punching, you can exercise your sensitivity and quick reflection ability, keeping you physically and mentally healthy.

Suitable for All Ages

It is a good way for adults to release stress, also it can be an excellent way for children of all ages. With it, you can direct them to focus and ease their anxiety.

Wonderful Gift

It is a wonderful gift for you boss, coworker, secretary, employee, or anyone who appreciates something functional and cute.


Material PU
Product Weight About 700g
Ball Diameter 18cm
Package Contents 1 x Desktop Punching Ball

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