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With head tracking function

ISM 5.8GHz 48-channel diversity receiver

Support HDMI, DVR, AV in / out

DVR with H.264 encoding, 30fps, MOV

Built with a front camera

Up to 60 degrees FOV

VGA 640X480 resolution

Multiple LED light effect mode support

The intimate design of human mechanics

Nine color combinations, more choices, more personal flight style.

Equipped with fans, which are more suitable for long-term flight and more suitable for flight environment.



Brand: Skyzone
Item No.: SKY03O
Color: Amber
Quantity: 1Set


The SKY03O is the OLED version of SKY03, with the resolution of 1024*768 and OLED display, the vivid color, and high contrast ratio, pilots can see more details, the new optical make the image crystal clear and no image distortion and blur edge.

Dimensions: 170(L)X83(W)X44(H)mm (Not include prominent part)
Weight: 231g (Not including package box)
FOV: 35 degrees (Diagonal)
Resolution: 1024X768(XGA), OLED
Luminance: Adjustable, 300 Candela per square meter(Max)
Contrast Ratio: 10000: 1
Interpupillary Distance (IPD): 57.5 to 69.5mm Adjustable
                                                               ISM 5.8GHz 48 Channel, Diversity receiver.
                                   Band      CH 1       CH2         CH3            CH4          CH5          CH6           CH7           CH8
                                      A       5865M    5845M      5825M     5805M    5785M    5765M     5745M     5725M
                                      B      5733M     5752M      5771M     5790M    5809M    5828M     5847M     5866M
                                      E       5705M    5685M      5665M     5645M    5885M    5905M     5925M     5945M

Wireless Receiver:        F      5740M     5760M      5780M     5800M    5820M     5840M     5860M    5880M
                                      R      5658M     5695M      5732M    5769M     5806M     5843M    5880M     5917M
                                      L       5362M    5399M      5436M     5473M     5510M     5547M    5584M     5621M
                       Sensitivity: -90dBm±1dBm
                       Antenna Port: 2 X SMA-K,50ohm

Front Camera: 
FOV: 60 degrees (Diagonal)
Resolution: 640X480(VGA)
Focal length: f=4.0mm
F/NO: F/NO=2.8

Head Tracker
Sensor: 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope
Output: PPM 8 channel, Optional 5-6CH, 5-7CH, 5-8CH, 6-7CH, 6-8CH, 7-8CH

Micro SD: Support to 128GB (UHS-I Interface, U1)
Compression: H.264, 30fps, MOV
Data Rate: 6Mbps

AV Signal:
Video Standard  NTSC/PAL
Video output level  1.0Vp-p Typ. / 75ohm
Audio output level  1.0Vp-p Typ. / 10Kohm

AV Port:
AV OUT(3.5mm4P): Diversity receiver, Video, Audio output
EAR OUT(3.5mm3P): Stereo 16Ω/150mW
AV IN(3.5mm4P): Video, Audio input
HDMI IN(C-Type): HDMI 1.4 specification: 1920x1080p60, 1920x1080p50,
                                                                    1920x1080i60, 1920x1080i50,1280x720p60, 1280x720p50, 576p,
                                                                     576i, 480p, 480i, PC Format(Not all)

Power Supply:
DC IN: DC 7 – 26V/ 1A
Power Consumption: 12V input: 6W (RF mode)
Operating Temperature: 0 – +60 Celsius

Weight & Dimensions

Product weight: 231g
Product size (L x W x H):  170 X 83 X 44 mm

Package Contents

1 X FPV Goggles
1 X Futaba Data Cable
1 X JR Data Cable
2 X 5.8G 2dBi Antenna 
1 X AV Cable
1 X Power Cable
1 X Carry Case
1 X Manual

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