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This Reusable Soft Cleaning Gel is suitable for cleaning any item or surface with difficult to reach gaps and crevices. Easy to use and leaves no residues, which makes it perfect for cleaning electronics and many household appliances.


  • Widely suitable for most objects, such as interior equipment and accessories of cars, mobile phones, household appliances, computer peripherals, digital products, toys, etc.
  • Features a special fragrance, it will leave a faint fragrance on the surface.
  • Can be used repeatedly, quite economically.
  • With great cleaning effect, even the dirt from the dead corner can be easily removed.
  • Made of premium material, safe and non-toxic, with 7PH and is also biodegradable.


Color Green
Main Ingredients Disinfectant, preservative, boric acid, methyl-p-benzoic acid, perfume.
Product Size about 18 x 12 x 0.5cm
Product Weight about 80g
Package Contents 1 x Cleaning Gel

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