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The camera recorder features with adjustable viewing angles and dual lens, it captures high quality images and videos. It is perfectly for recording the surrounding environment of your car and reduce the risk of accident.

Innovative Front and Rear Cameras

Record the excitements inside and outside the car simultaneously.

Night Vision Sensor

Capture high quality images and footage in low light environment.

Wide Angles

180 degrees rotatable lens and 170° wide angle ensure the optimal angle for recording.

High Resolution

Double 1080P FHD resolution, recording more clearly of your driving process.


Automatically adjust the exposure of the camera to create balanced images and footage.

Seamless Loop Recording

Prevents storage overload by autocratically erasing the oldest previously recorded file and replacing it with the new one.

Motion Detection

Automatically detect and record the moving object while the vehicle is parked, very helpful for anti-theft.

Safe and Unobstructive Design

Stay away from your sight by hiding behind the windshield.

Support 128GB Memory Card

Record and save more footage over longer period.

Warm note

With or without GPS is depend on your choice. 01 is with GPS and 02 is without GPS.


Brand Range Tour
Model B90D
Screen Size 2.7 inches
Lens 170 degrees dual lens
Video Resolution 1080P FHD dual camera, 720HD dual camera
Pixel 1200 Mega
Memory Card Required Reading Speed Class 10
Battery Built-in
WDR Supported
Package Contents 1 x Car Recorder, 1 x Car Charger Cable, 1 x Manual

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