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This Link is for Prepaid Deposit of KUGOO Folding Electric Scooters.


1. Prepaid deposit before 29 Nov, 10:00 (UTC+8); Pay the balance from 29 Nov, 10:01 (UTC+8) to 5th Dec, 10:00 (UTC+8), balance price is Black Friday Flash Deal price minus the prepaid deposit.

2. You will get a big Black Friday Discount and our free gifts, the free gifts only for our advance payment customers, we may ship gifts in separate orders.

3. After we received your payment of the Prepaid deposit order, we will send Coupon code to your registered email within 24 Hours. When you pay balance please must add coupon code to adjust the price. The Coupon code valid time is from 29 Nov, 10:01 (UTC+8) to 5th Dec, 10:00 (UTC+8).

4. Deposit orders will be processing priority.


Despoit $ 20, pay the rest on Black Friday,get two free gifts.



350W Motor, LCD Display Screen, 3 Speed Modes, Max 30km/h

Retail Price:$319.99  |   Save $64  |  Black Friday Price $255.99

Despoit $ 20, and get two free gift, you final price will be $255.99 on Black Friday!

Product Link:



350W Motor, 120KG max capacity, 8″ honeycomb wheel

Retail Price:$359.99  |   Save $37  |  Black Friday Price $322.99

Product Link:



Android & IOS APP, Disc Braking system, 25km max running distance

Retail Price:$399.99  |   Save $33  |  Black Friday Price $366.99

Product Link:



5.5" Tire, Rohs & CE Certification, Perfect Merry Christmas Gift for children

Retail Price:$199.99  |   Save $11  |  Black Friday Price $188.99

Product Link:



10Ah big Battery, 250W Motor Power, Fold Easily

Retail Price:$299.99  |   Save $33  |  Black Friday Price $266.99

Product Link:



Pneumatic Tire, Dedicated App Support, Aviation Grade Aluminum Frame

Retail Price:$469.99  |   Save $25  |  Black Friday Price $444.99

Product Link:

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