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Pure Cool Me HEPA Air Purifier 

Dyson's first personal purifying fan; delivers a focused stream of purified air to cool you.


Fully sealed HEPA filter and activated carbon filter captures 99. 97 degree of allergens and pollutants, including pollen, bacteria, and pet dander.

Core Flow Technology

Allows you to precisely adjust airflow to deliver personal cooling with purified air; This makes it ideal for individuals who want to project air precisely where they need it.

Precise Airflow

Precisely control your airflow with a simple sliding mechanism; By adjusting the dome's position, you can change the airflow angle of the air purifier.

LCD Display

Built-in LCD shows airflow level and filter life.

Night Time Mode

Night-time mode Monitors and purifies using quiet settings, with a dimmed display.

Low Maintenance Filters

Low maintenance, easily changeable filters. The filter life is 1 year if used 12 hours a day.

Dyson Pure Cool Me BP01 Personal Bladeless Purifying Fan Dust Mold Removel With LED Display - White



Brand: Dyson 
Type: Fan
Model: BP01 
Color: White

Specification Height: 40cm
Maximum Power: 40W
Wind Setting: 1-10
Rotation Angle: 70°
Remote Control: yes
Weight & Size Product Weight: 2.80kg
Package Weight: 4.87kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 
20 x 24 x 40cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 25 x 30 x 45cm
Package Contents

1 x Dyson BP01 Pure Cool Me Personal Purifying Fan
1 x User Manual

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