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The Back Hair Removal is specifically designed to offer the easiest, quickest and smoothest shave on the planet! Its unique blades allow you the option to Dry Shave or Wet Shave. While the blades go to work, the ergonomic s-shaped handle grants you access to all those hard-to-reach areas.

Unparalleled Ergonomics

A long, curved ergonomic handle can be gripped from multiple positions to let you reach anywhere on your back and is retractable to fold in half for easy travel. It is the finest shaving instrument ever to grace a man's back.

Shave Pain-Free, Wet or Dry

Blades are specifically designed to shave back and body hair which in most areas tends to be less coarse than typically found with facial hair. The razor flexibility is controlled in a manner allowing a lighter and less rigid friction between the razor and skin surface. An easy and pain-free shaver, you can use it wet or dry.

Detachable Cartridge Housing

Involving a one of a kind 4 inch blade and teeth arrangement that creates the smoothest and quickest shave on the market, the cartridge housing that holds blades is detachable from the shaver handle for convenient use on easy to access areas body such as the chest area.


Product Weight 160g
Product Size 26 x 12 x 10 cm
Package Contents 1 x Back Hair Remover and Body Shaver

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