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This item is an automatic rotating laser light that provides hours of fun for your feline and canine friends. Place the cat toy on the floor, turn it on, and watch the chase begin! The laser red dot moves in a circle that jumps around and randomly switches directions. It’s perfect for pets who will spin in a circle to catch the laser.


    Safe for Pets

    The laser light with low power output for a safe play experience; Powered by 3 x AA batteries to avoid electric shock or injure.

    Adjustable 4 Settings

    This laser toy can be set for Slow, Middle, Fast or Random of playtime; find the perfect pace for your pet.

    Entertaining to Cats

    The exciting laser moves randomly across floors and walls which appeals to the natural hunting instinct of cats.

    360 Degree Rotating Laser

    The 360-degree constantly moving red dot can be enjoyed by multiple cats at once, making it an especially good deal for multi-cat homes.


Material ABS
Batteries 3 x AA (Not Included)
Product Weight 560g
Product Size 17 x 18 CM
Package Contents 1 x Laser Cat Toys

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