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Are you still worried that your key is missing and you can’t find it? Are you still worried that someone picked up your key and didn’t know how to return it to you? Don’t worry, this anti-lost keychain would solve the trouble for you. If you lost your key, the one who picks it up can scan the QR code and find your information, then return it to you.

QR Code Intelligent Anti-lost

If one lost the key, the person who picks up scan the QR code to find the owner’s information and return the key back.

One Key Binding Information, Easy to Use

There is professional software for iOS and Android devices, you only need to bind your contact information and other information to use, easy to operate.

Cloud Data Encryption

Anti-lost application and software were specially invented by professional team, to create a trustworthy platform for you. Your personal information stored in cloud would be encrypted to ensure your privacy and security.

Sturdy Lock

Integratedly molded lock, sturdy and durable with great elasticity, no deformation after long term use.

Dual Loop Keychain

The keychain features dual loop rings, capable of holding more stuffs.

Quality Material, Exquisite Workmanship

Crafted from premium metal with glue treatment, assures that the QR code is anti-scratch and wear-resistant

User Instruction

You can use WeChat to download the APP to bind, then scan the anti-lost QR code and bind the anti-lost product. For the first time using anti-lost products, you need to fill in the shipping address and other information. If you need to replace the user, please untie it first.


Material Metal
Product Weight 25g
Product Size 88 xx 32 x 7 mm
Package Contents 1 x QR Code Anti-lost Keychain

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