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The Mini Warmbaby Heater is a great solution to resist cold winter, power saving and high energy conversion. It adopts high performance PTC heater, fast heating up and scald-proof. No complicated operation required, it is simple to use. Backed by multiple security protection system including overheat protection and automatic power off, it is safe and stable during operation.

PTC Heating Element, Low Power Consumption

The PTC ceramic heating element was selected, and there was no flame during operation and no visible infrared rays. Healthy, efficient, energy-saving, you can keep a constant temperature operation for a long time. 500W comfort power for a variety of environments.

Easy to Use, Simple Operation

No complicated operation is required, the power is turned on, and the switch can be used to easily enjoy the warm air. Soft work indicator, multiple security protection mechanisms.

Silent Operation, 2s Fast Heating

The air duct of the Xiaomi SOTHING cute heater has been specially designed to increase airflow and reduce wind noise. Efficient PTC ceramic heating element can be started quickly in a few seconds and heated for a long time.

Multiple Security Protection

AMT thermal protector + temperature fuse double overheat protection, overheating and automatic power off, while preventing and appearing in the short-term situation.

Intelligent Control IC

Real-time monitoring of abnormal data such as overheating and overload, ensuring that the heater is safe and stable during operation.

Dumping Automatic Power-off

The bottom of the fuselage is equipped with a safety switch that is when it dumped and the power automatically off. When the equipment is dumped, it will automatically power off to prevent accidents.

Flame Retardant Shell

The shell is made of ABS, V0 fire retardant material, which is automatically carbonized by heat to prevent the combustion process.


Brand Xiaomi Youpin
Product Name Mini Warmbaby Heater
Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Rated Power 500W
Product Weight 580g
Product Size 155 x 142 x 128 mm
Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Youpin SOTHING Mini Warmbaby Heater

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