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Say goodbye to stubborn stains and save the “black bottom pan”, let the lower black pan has a new look. The magic sponge eraser adopts alumina as the gravel diamond material, and its hardness is second to that of diamond. Can be widely used to scrub the corresponding pot stains or as a tool for polishing.

Emery Grain, Strong Decontamination

Adopts alumina as the surface material of every grain, its hardness makes decontamination effect stronger.

Remove the Rust

The magic eraser utilizes the high elastic sponge, not easy to hurt hands; the outside is covered with emery granule, just add the appropriate detergent and tap water, slightly wipe, can remove the iron rust on the cooker.

Strong Adhesive

Brand-new craft, make sure that the alumina material of magical eraser surface and sponge are firm agglutinate, even if be used frequently also do not drop sand, time-saving and durable.


The emery magic sponge cleaner can not only be used to scrub the corresponding pot stains, rust, but also as a tool for polishing .


Brand Xiaomi Youpin
Material PU, Emery
Product Size 10 x 7 x 2.5 cm
Package Contents 5 x Emery Magic Sponger Erasers

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