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Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 Pro Foldable Walking Machine(without the armrest)

Simple and scientific design, high recognition. Using IML technology to make the panel.

The hidden LED light unit is presented as a whole when standing and is visible when walking.

Lightweight aluminum alloy structure, lighter weight, higher strength which can carry 100kg.

57mm low-profile platform design which can reduce the noise, making your exercise process more safety.

Easy to store, occupy less than half a square meter after storage.

There are two-wheel designs at the bottom of the walking machine. It is easier to move it anywhere.

Two types of exercise modes, namely M-mode (Manual Mode) and A-mode (Automatic Mode), make beginners use it easily.

Adaptive speed control, rapid response, automatic speed change.



Brand: Xiaomi WalkingPad
Model: A1 Pro
Type: Walking Machine 
Color: Black

Specification Walking Cloth Area: 1200 x 415mm
Maximum Load: 100kg
Applicable Age: 14 to 60 years old
Applicable Height: Unlimited
Lowest Speed: 0.5km/h
Maximum Speed: 6.0km/h
Rated Power: 746W
Rated Voltage: 220V
Exercise Mode: 2 modes (M-mode and AUTO mode)
Weight & Dimensions
Product Weight: 28kg
Package Weight: 31kg
Product Dimensions: 1432 x 547 x 129mm                                
Package Dimensions: 890 x 620 x 185mm
Package Contents
1 x WalkingPad Walking Machine 
1 x Power Cable
1 x Remote Control
1 x Hanging Rope
1 x Wrench
1 x Silicone Oil
1 x User Manual

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