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The propellers are replacement parts for Xiaomi Mitu R/C Drone. Specially crafted airfoil design reduces friction and resistance from air and hence improve aerodynamic efficiency. Composite material construction makes them more shockproof and lowers noise. It is easy to recognize the CW and CCW one with color differentiation at the center of propellers.

Sectional Airfoil Design

Effectively reduces the friction and resistance from the air and improves the aerodynamic efficiency.

Super-Tough Composite Material

Great shockproof performance, effectively reducing the damage degree, and lowering the noise from vibration.

CW / CCW Propeller Color Recognition

Allows you to judge them by the center color, the orange center is a CW propeller, the white is a CCW one.


Brand Xiaomi
Compatible Model YKFJ01FM
Type Propellers
Material Composite Material
Product Weight 0.7g
Product Size 76.4 x 9.2 x 6.5 mm
Package Contents 2 x CW Propellers, 2 x CCW Propellers

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