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According to official introduction, the visible light of the wave length in the range of 415-455nm, known as 'harmful blue light', after long time shining, it will make eyes dry with fatigue, and it will lead to retinal cells atrophy, even fall off, so as to decreased vision, eye disease and blindness. This Xiaomi Anti Blue-ray Glasses can block 35% harmful blue ray and protect your eyes.


  • Adopting yellow nano materials, absorb or block harmful blue rays, the block rate is up to 35%.
  • Adopts chromatographic bridging technology, ensuring no harmful visible light passing, restoring a true color.
  • Ultra-light glasses temples, reduce the burden on your nose and head.
  • Wear resistant, scratch resistant, durable for long times wearing.


Brand Xiaomi Mijia
Model TS
Gender Unisex
Package Contents 1 x Pair of Glasses

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