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Cleanfly FVQ Vacuum Cleaner is performing with a maximum power of 80W and a suction force up to 5000Pa, also the fans can run up to 32000rpm. There is a filtering system that intercepts larger dust particles and other debris and a HEPA11 filter that blocks the smallest dust particles and prevents the re-circulation of the latter. What’s more, the vacuum cleaner has the possibility to change brushes and nozzles. It comes with a rounded one to suck up a bit of everything and a more tapered one with a built-in brush that can be put into action or less depending on the uses.

5000Pa Strong Suction, Easily Absorb Dust & Debris

Turbo fan blade design, high efficiency and strong motor, up t0 32000 rotations per minute, easy to pick up paper, soot, hair, potato chips, melon seeds, coins.

Wireless Handheld

Discard the power cord, it is safe and free of winding, and it is more convenient to move and remove dust.

Quick Charging

Adopting 12V / 2A quick charging technology, it can be fully charged in 1.5 hours, 2 high-performance power batteries are designed ingeniously inside the handle. The product center of gravity is rear-mounted to provide a comfortable grip.

High Angle of Irradiation LED Lamp

Equipped with LED lighting, large angle irradiation, easily deal with insufficient light, complex environment and other occasions, and ensure the bright light in the clean area.

Adjustable 2 in 1 Suction Nozzle

Flat mouth, stretch brush design, switch to different state in one second, flat mouth deep cleaning of the car small gap, brush head cleaning stubborn dirt on the car.

Patented Ventilation Design

The innovative air guide structure will blow out the internal airflow like the oblique back and sides, so as not to blow dust on the ground and the user’s hands and face.


Brand Xiaomi
Model Cleanfly FVQ
Maximum Suction 5000Pa
Charging Time 1.5 hours
Work Time 13 minutes
Dust Cup Capacity About 100ml
Noise 65dB or less
Battery Capacity 7.2V 2000mAh Li-ion battery
Rated Voltage 7.2V
Rated Power 80W 
Product Weight 560g
Product Size 7 x 7 x 29.8 cm
Package Contents 1 x Cleanfly FVQ Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Nozzle
1 x Car Charger
1 x HPPA Filter Screen
1 x User Manual

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