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The Compression Foot Sleeve offers relief and support to ankles, heels, and feet. It works by applying pressure to seven different zones on the foot. It is comfortable enough to be worn under socks or hosiery and even to bed. Wear them when running , training or during the night and enjoy breathability. It is unisex and can be worn on either foot.

Optimal compression

Provide pinpoint compression to stimulate blood circulation, reduce inflammation and relieve ankle and foot pain related to the arch, plantar fascia, heel, ankle, and even your whole foot.

Premium quality construction

Thin and breathable fabric helps keep your fee dry and comfortable. Wear barefoot, under socks or while you sleep.

Fit to perfection

These revolutionary designed ankle compression sleeves come in 2 different sizes (S/M or L/XL) which will ideally fit any ankle.

Made for men and women

S/M fits: women's shoe size 6-9.5; men's shoe size 5-9.5. L/XL fits: women's shoe size 10-13.5; men's shoe size 10-12.5. (US size)


Best Use Athletes, cross training, tennis gym, anyone in need of foot pain relief
Size S/M, L/XL
Package Contents 1 x Pair of Compression Foot Sleeve

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