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This Tower of Tracks provides hours of exercise and self-amusement for health care and elimination of boredom and depression for your pets. It is designed for cats to play alone when master is not at home. Works to keep your cat engaged, mentally sharp and entertained through instinctual play.


  • Balls spin away both clockwise and counter-clockwise with your cat's grasping. Bright color, very interesting and intellectual toys, entertain your cats and protect your furniture from being clawed.
  • Perfect way for your curious cat to get the mental and physical exercise they need to stay healthy and engaged from day to day while channeling their hunting instincts as they chase down the fast-moving balls.
  • Made from high quality materials, absolutely safe, durable and well-designed interactive toys for your beloved pet!
  • Great for chasing, batting and play while your cat is home alone.
  • Specifications

    Material ABS
    Product Weight 225g
    Product Size 25cm (bottom diameter) x 16cm (top diameter) x 14cm (height)
    Package Contents 1 x Tower of Tracks Cat Interactive Ball Toy

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