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The SHUIBAOBIAO contains an inflatable nylon balloon that's stored inside a small case. There is a cylindrical space to hold the CO2 bottle. The bracelet is intended to be strapped securely to an individual’s wrist and is as reliable as a traditional life jacket, as well as more comfortable and less bulky. It can be inflated in less than one second by pulling the lever and triggering the CO2 bottle to fill the balloon, which can pull a wearer towards the water's surface.

Bright Orange Airbag

Durable and easy to hold on and grip.

Wrist Clasp

Comfortably fits almost any size wrist.

Bag Case

Holds the airbag in place and out of the way.

4 CO2 Bottles

Make the bracelet reusable by replacing the CO2 bottle.

Pull Lever

You can lift the handle to release a CO2 bottle which then immediately inflates the bag.


Type Inflating Bracelet
Package Weight 450g
Package Size 11.3 x 12.3 x 9 cm
Package Contents 1 x SHUIBAOBIAO Inflating Bracelet
4 x Gas Bottle
1 x User Manual

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