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The Sealabag is a discreet and versatile bag sealing device. Capable of sealing all sizes of bags from freezer bags to bin bags, it is incredibly easy to use. It can be used on a worktop or table, or it can be mounted on the inside of a cupboard or on the side of a kitchen unit. It is a great kitchen gadget you will use again and again.


  • It is a practical and cost-efficient way of keeping freezer bags sealed and their contents fresh.
  • Also great to seal trash bags, provide a simple way to tidy up, stop the smell, and prevent any creatures from getting in.
  • Simply twist the neck of any bag, then pass the bags through the groove to fasten tightly, the bag is now sealed.
  • Its compact design can be kept handy inside a drawer, mounted on a door, or on the counter.
  • Easy to use and easy to store makes it an ideal gadget for your home.


Package Content 1 x Sealing machine, 1 x Adhesive Tape

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