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RUIZU X05 can do seamless playing for 100 hours. Apart from it, calendar, clock, e-book, REC, FM function included. It has Screen Touch Button to operate. Enjoy the entertainment from the player.


  • Support Micro SD Card: The card isn't included.
  • Long Time Playback: Seamless playing for 100 hours.
  • Multi-Function: Calendar, e-book, record, clock, FM etc.
  • Diverse Languages: There are 30 kind of languages to choose.
  • Screen Touch: Much swifter to respond, more convenient to operate.
  • HiFi Sound Quality: Support lossless music format of APE, FLAC, OGG.


Model X05
Battery Lithium battery
Music Player 100 hours
Recording Time about 50 hours
Recording Quality 1024Kbps / 512Kbps
Memory Extension Support but not included
Storage Capacity 8G/16G
Music Player Format APE/FLAG/OGG
Product Weight 45g
Product Size 87 x 38 x 7 mm
Package Contents 1 x MP3 Player

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