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Compact space, complete functions, flight stability, not easy to damage, simple maintenance, shooting 4K video, CLOUD-149 can achieve the functions you want.

CLOUD-149 3 Inch Frame Kit ABS Carbon Fiber for RC Drone FPV Racing

(Propeller Diversion ring Produced by ABS Injection Molding)



Brand: Reptile
Item Name: CLOUD-149
Version: PNP
Color: RED


Wheelbase: 149mm
Structure: X-type Division
Top plate: 2mm
Side plate: 1.5mm
Bottom plate: 3mm
Internal height: 30mm
Plastic parts: ABS material plastic Diversion ring
Printed parts: TPU antenna base 
Weight: 88G

PNP parts:
Flight Controller & ESC: 20A ESC + Mini F4  Flight control + 500MW VTX
Propeller: 3045
Motor: 1407 
Camera installation width: 19mm

Package Contents

1 X CLOUD-149 frame kit                        
2 X 1407 4000KV motor CW                       
2 X 1407 4000KV motor CCW                      
1 X 20A BLHELI_S  4 in 1 ESC                   
1 X Mini F4  flight controller                 
1 X 1200TVL camera                             
1 X 5.8G 40CH 25MW 200mw 500MW switchable VTX  
2 X 3045 3-blade propeller purple CW           
2 X 3045 3-blade propeller purple CCW          
1 X Pagoda antenna 
1 X Battery strap                              
1 X Circularly polarized antenna

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