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The USB-C Tester is the first choice for digital players and electronic lovers. It is capable of real-time detection of the charging status, voltage, current, capacity, energy, etc. The 0.96 inch color LCD screen with 160 degree wide angle enables you to see from any angle to appreciate bright and natural display. In addition, it is designed with thermometer function, which allows you to know the environment temperature and real-time working temperature.

Type-C Color Display Tester

Capable of real-time detection of the charging status, voltage, current, power, etc. Widely used in the quality inspection of type-C port 3C digital products.

High Definition Display

TC64 adopts a 0.96 inch IPS HD color LCD display with 160 degree wide view, high brightness and long service life. Enables you to see from any angle to appreciate bright, exquisite and natural display picture.

Quick Charge Identification

TC64 supports the identification of QC 2.0, QC 3.0, Apple 2.4A/2.2A/1.1A/0.5A, Android DCP, and Samsung quick charging protocols, let you know your phone charging status.

4-Bit Measurement Accuracy

TC64 adopts the professional instrument to sample circuit and uses the RD unique precision algorithm, which ensures the accuracy and stability of the product at the hardware and software level.

Power Off Storage Function

With this function, the capacity and energy data can be saved when the power bank is power off. Convenient for subsequent inspection, and capacity and energy measurement of the power bank.

Thermometer Function, Freely Switching Between Celsius & Fahrenheit

Built-in high precision thermistor sensor, TC64 is cable to measure the environment temperature (first time power on), also let you know the real time working temperature condition. And the display unit can be freely switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Small Size and Sturdy Use

Featuring compact size and exquisite appearance, convenient to carry. PC material panel with high strength and good toughness; protective film ensures wear resistance and scratch resistance; type-C protection cap prevents it from dust and is not easy to fall.


Brand RD
Model TC64
Display Screen 0.96 inch color LCD display
Voltage Measurement Range 3.70-30.00V
Voltage Measurement Resolution 0.01V
Current Measurement Range 0-4.000A
Current Measurement Resolution 0.001A
Capacity Accumulation Range 0-99999mAh
Voltage Measurement Accuracy +/-(0.8% + 4 digits to 25 degree.C)
Energy Accumulation Range 0-99999mWh 999.99Wh
Measurement of Current Accuracy +/-(1% + 4 digits, to 25 degree.C)
Impedance Load Range 1ohm-9999.9ohm
Power Range 0-120w
Temperature Range – 0 degree.C ~ 80 degree.C / 32 degree.F ~ 176 degree.F 
Temperature Measurement Error +/-3 degree.C / +/- 6 degree.F
Working Temperature range 0 ~ 45 degree.C / 32 ~ 113 degree.F
Refreshing Rate 2Hz
Fast Charge Recognition Mode QC2.0, QC3. 0, APPLE 2.4A / 2.1A / 1A / 0.5A, Android DCP, Samsung
Product Weight 7g
Product Size 50 x 19 x 19 mm
Package Contents 1 x RD TC64 Type-C Color LCD Tester

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