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LD25 is a cost-effective, economical intelligent electronic board. It provides 4A 25V 25W (3 values are not exceeded) constant current discharge test task. The human-friendly computer surface and excellent performance indicators can meet diverse testing needs. It is suitable for measuring the output current capacity of the charger, using the batch aging test of the charger factory, measuring the micro-USB charging cable and testing the type-C charging cable.

4-Digit LED Display

The 4-bit digital LED display can visually check the load voltage value / current value / power value conveniently and quickly.

Multiple Protections

Added over-power / over-voltage / over-temperature protection, when the rated voltage / current / temperature exceeds the rated range, the device will stop working automatically, the digital display related code to make sure that the equipment will not be burned.

All-Aluminum Heatsink Fan

Based on the all-aluminum heat sink, the new fan is bigger with the four-way ventilation design adopted, ensuring faster speed and better dissipation effect.

Adjustable Potentiometer

The current can be adjusted in coarse and fine tuning. The fine adjustment can be accurate to 0.01A, and the input power supply will not be damaged by the big current by mistakenly adjusted.

Upgraded Interface

Micro-USB and type-C input ports are added to assist measure the quality of the micro-USB and type-c load lines.


Brand RD
Model LD25
Rated Voltage DC 4-25V
Operating Current 0.25-4A
Power 25W
Display 4-digit LED
Interface USB, Micro-USB, Type-C
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 40 degree.C
Product Weight 65g
Product Size 84 x 42 x 28 mm
Package Contents 1 x RD LD25 Electronic Load Tester

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