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This Air Humidify Car Charger with the function of charging the mobile device and car aromatherapy humidification. It adopts atomization technology with frequency 110KHz to convert the water to droplet with diameter 6um and effectively rule out static electricity and dust, reduce the humidity in car, and moisturize the air. The uniform volatilization could bring comfortable feeling to skin.

Practical Use

Adopting atomization technology to convert water into small water drops at a frequency, it helps to keep the air moist, reduce the dust in the air and create a clean and humid space.

Dual Mode

The car humidifier support 2H intermittent spray and 1H constant humidification, which can be adjusted as you like.

Safe Function Design

The car humidifier is designed with a function that can turn to standby to protect from dry heating.

Dual USB Car Charger

Comes with dual USB output (5V/1A and QC3.0), which ensures charging and humidifying at the same time.

Widely Applicable

USB powered, this air humidify can be not only used in car, but also used in home, office, etc. bringing comfortable and relax mood.


Brand Quelima
Model BC35B
Rated Working Voltage 12V-24V
Limit Working Voltage 9V-26V
Working Current 120MA-280MA
USB Output 1 5V/1A
USB Output 1 QC3.0
Working Temperature 0-45℃
Working Power 1W-3W
Spray Capacity <50ML/H
Essential Oil Support 3-5 drops
Intermittent Mist Spray Support
Water Tank Capacity 100ML
Package Content 1 x Air Humidifier, 1 x Car Charger, 1 x User Manual

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