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This sticker is small and compact. You can put it on your cellphone tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and any other household devices. It is a healing energy that helps negate the damaging effects of radiation and restore optimal balance to the body.


  • Compact and lightweight design, simply stick it on your cell phones, tablets and handhold gaming devices.
  • Turns radiation effects from harmful to harmless on human body.
  • Effectively removes the harmful currents that tend to accumulate in the body bioenergy field.
  • It is helpful to accelerate blood circulation, you’ll feel more alert, more energetic, greater stamina, fewer headaches, less fatigue.
  • Generates a protective and beneficial field around your body.
  • Perfect for pregnant women, children, parents, the old, people who often use mobile phone, computer and other electronic devices.


Type Phone Sticker
Function Anti Radiation
Package Content 1 x Anti Radiation Phone Sticker

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