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Are you still suffering from insomnia? Still worrying that the baby can't sleep well at night and crying all the time? Or you are distracted, can not concentrate on work? This sleep aid can play white noise, so that you can sleep with peaceful sound, also reduce baby's crying time, you do not need to soothe baby at night. It will bring you much convenience in your life and work.


  • Provide 9 kinds of white noise: rain, ocean, thunder, wind, ripple, soft music, guqin, heavenly music, prenatal education music for you to choose.
  • You can set music play time via timer function (15/30/60 minutes), it will automatically turn off the sleep aid when time is up.
  • Volume control knob helps you control music volume as you wish.
  • Compact and portable, you can carry it with you when travel or have business trips.
  • With soft music, let you sleep quickly and peacefully, perfect to improve sleep effect.


Material Plastic
Power DC5V 300mA
Rated Power 1.5W
Power Supply 4 x AA batteries (not included)
Package Content 1 x Sleep Aid Machine

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