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Pet Grooming Brush Comb Slicker Brush Deshedding Brush is the most popular pet brush. It has fine metal spikes placed in an aligned way that are slightly curved, a really great helper to untangle the dog's hair, air it out or remove dead hair, especially for the long-haired pooch, or a breed that carries a thick undercoat.

Easy to Clean

Press the button until it clicks, the bristles will be ready to groom. Press the button again, all the bristles retract into the brush and fur will stay on the flat surface to be removed.

1.5 CM Length Bristles

Choosing the proper length of the Bristles will get the result with half effort. 1.5cm bristle would be a great choice for long-haired furry friends and it won’t miss the inner layer of undercoat.

Tapered Stainless Steel Pins

Crafted from high quality stainless steel & tapered to prevent scratching, the solid metal pins of our comb gently glide through your pet's hair to thoroughly remove loose mats, small knots & tangle.

Friendly to Your Pet's Skin

Give your pet the extra love and attention they need! Increasing blood circulation and preventing mats and knots from forming over and over.

Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic shape for easy and comfort to handle, comfort-grip and anti-slip, making the pet hair removal a great fun.


Material TPR + ABS + Stainless Steel
Product Weight 161g
Product Size 10 x 16 cm
Bristle Length 1.5 cm
Bristle Cluster Size 4 x 7cm
Package Content 1 x Bestbuy Professional Slicker Brush

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