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Still annoyed at the worse pet hair caused by static electricity or low humidity? Thankfully, we got this Pet Hair Cleaning Foam! It features a slight bony pit pattern which effectively cleans up pet hair through the last strand. Just wipe it repeatedly on the fabric until all pet hair which is not visible to the eye comes to the surface, and you will get your sofa or carpet as clean as new.


  • Wipe on the fabric repeatedly, effortlessly and clearly clean up pets’ hair.
  • Adsorb and remove the pet hair stuck on carpets and sofas (or even those penetrated into carpets and sofas), collect them for easily cleaning.
  • Made from non-toxic specialist foam which drys quickly, durable and reusable.
  • Unlike vacuum cleaners, it does not require electricity making it a much better, cost-effective alternative.
  • Can be used for pet bed, carpet, sofa, clothes, beds, carriages.


Product Type Pet Hair Remover
Material Foam
Product Weight 45g
Product Size 9.8 x 9.8 x 2 CM
Package Contents 1 x Animal Hair Cleaning Foam

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