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The Orico NA15 Laptop Cooling Pad features 2 x 80mm fans that pull in cool air from its bottom and produce very little noise while spinning at 2000 ± 10% RPM.

Superior cooling yet whisper quiet

Two large 80mm quiet cooing fans provide optimal air flow at barely audible levels.

Innovative DIY fan position

The cooler is controlled by yourself. You can adjust the position of the fan independently, to focus on cooling.

Extra USB port

Need extra USB ports while using Orico NA15 laptop cooling pad? Just plug it into the extra USB port on the laptop cooler.


Measuring 330 x 206 x 42 mm, Orico NA15 supports notebooks with size less than 15 inch. It's easy to carry while on the go thanks to its compact design.

Mac-style design

Anodized aerospace aluminum-magnesium alloy design perfectly matches your MacBook.


Rotation Rate 2000 ±10% rpm
Volume 21dB
Color Silver
Dimension 330 x 206 x 42 mm
Fan Dimension 80 x 80 x 10 mm (2)
Package Contents 1 x Orico NA15 Laptop Cooling Pad

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