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This Hard Drive Enclosure is magnetic with USB 3.0. It is easy to install. With ultra-large total 50TB capacity and upgrade transmission speed, fully meet the needs of enterprises or individuals data storage and preservation.

Magnetic design

Easy to install, unique magnetic structure allows you to install HDD in 3 seconds.

Ultra-large capacity

Single disk with 10 TB storage, convenient for data backup and exchange.

5Gbps Transmission

Support new UASP protocol which greatly upgrades the transmission speed, reduces utilization of CPU, data delay and waiting time.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

Automatically entered into sleep mode if there is no data exchange in 30 minutes. Allow the hard disk and fan to sleep, to extend the service life and to reduce power consumption.

Honeycomb Style Radiator

With a vented design in the back of the panel, great for heat dispassion, avoid overheating, prolong the using time of the HDD case or your hard disk.

Widely Compatible

Support Windows / Linux / Mac system


Model DS500U3
Material ABS
Supported Capacity 50TB, 10TB Single Disk
Port USB 3.0
Power Supply 12V 8A
Indicator Blue LED Indicator
Package Contents 1 x Enclosure, 1 x User Manual

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