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Powerful motors can cope with higher-intensity riding. The 500W high-speed brushless motor provides more power and torque.

No matter how heavy the weight or how high the slope is, there is enough power to cope with it. Able to ride more freely on various terrains and surpass others faster on commuting or mountain roads.



The K6 is equipped with a hydraulic suspension shock absorber in the middle of the frame and a double shoulder shock absorber design of the front fork.

The double shock absorption design makes you safer, more stable and comfortable riding on rugged roads.



Use professional 7-speed gears, adjust the gears to cope with different riding roads, and match different speeds to improve riding torque.

The seventh stage is used on flat roads, and when the first stage flywheel is used, it is used for climbing. When changing from the higher the high gear to the lowest gear, the gear can be adjusted according to the slope on the uphill.



Disc brakes, when the disc brake is braking, the power is cut off instantly, which can reduce the speed in time and achieve rapid braking to protect your riding safety.

The front and rear disc brakes are designed to allow you to brake quickly at high speeds



Function list: battery level, light control, speed, mode, watt, trip, USB charging, error, etc.

The "+" and "-" keys can adjust the power-assisted gear position.

3 modes can be switched at any time, electric bike, pedal assisted bicycle, pedal bicycle



Press the meter + key for 2 seconds to turn on the front and rear lights at the same time.

The LED front and rear lights design allows you to see the road ahead clearly when riding at night, making it safer and clearer.

When braking, the tail light will light up alone to remind pedestrians behind to notice that you are braking.



Height adjustable 150mm /5.9".

Prevent slipping in an aggressive stance.

Ergonomic handlebar grips for long distance comfort.



48V10AH battery, electric battery life is 25-28 miles, pedal assist battery life is 40-43 miles.The detachable battery can be charged directly or removed for charging. The battery weighs 6.8 lbs and is easy to store and carry.Battery size: 14.14"*3.22"*2.28"It is recommended to charge on an empty balcony or outdoors.



The electric bike adopts a foldable frame, which is easy to fold, easy to store and carry. You can own it with minimal storage space and easily place it in any vehicle and bus.

Folding size:39"*15"*27.5", small footprint, light and easy to carry, easy to fold.



The magnesium alloy integrated wheel hub replaces the spoke wheel to make riding more stable. The integrated wheel has the advantages of long service life and more beautiful appearance without after-sales service.



K6 uses magnesium frame, which is 30% lighter than aluminum alloy one and much sturdier than carbon fiber. K6 patented design, unique folding mechanism, sci-fi and beautiful appearance. After folding, the battery can be easily removed.


Model: ZHENGBU 20" K6S Electric Bike
Material: Magnesium alloy
Motor: 400W high-speed brushless gear hub motor
Max speed: 22MPH
Torque: 42N.M
Gear shifter: Shimano 7-speed
Crankset: 48T

Battery: Removable 48V10Ah battery
Charging method: Charge directly or take out the battery to charge
Charger: 48V2A
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Mileage: 25-28 miles (electric) / 40-43 miles (pedal assist)

Brake: Front and rear disc brakes (front left and rear right)
Shock absorber: suspension fork + mid-mounted shock absorber
Tires: 20"*1.95"
Wheel hub: Magnesium alloy one-piece wheel
Instrument: LCD display
Three riding modes: Electric mode, Assist mode, Pedal mode
Usb charging port

Weight: 49.6 lbs (without battery), 56.4 lbs (with battery)
Max load: 300 lbs
Handlebar adjustable height: 150mm / 5.9"
Adjustable height of saddle: 230mm / 9"
Folding size: 39"*15"*27.5"
Suggested rider height: 5'1"-6'5"

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