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Personal Trainer Customized Courses

There is a customized courses on the APP to let the private teacher accompany you to work out together.

Wireless Remote Control

Wireless remote control, the operation steps are very simple.

Quiet Movement

With a silent motor, the amplitude does not affect disturb others.

150kg Bearing

The load-bearing capacity is up to 150kg, and the reinforced iron frame makes the shaker more stable and safe.

3 Vibration Areas

It has walking, jogging, running three vibration areas, the greater the plantar spacing, the greater the vibration intensity.

Vibration Adjustment

1-120 gear vibration adjustment, it can be fast or slow.



Brand: YIJIAN 
Fat Burn Machine
Model: N1 
Color: White

Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated: 200W
Product Gear: 1-120
Control Mode: Wireless Remote Control
Automatic Routine: 4
Automatic Program Default Working Time: 10minutes
Manual Program Default Working Time: 15minutes
Cable Length: 1m
Bearing: 150kg
Weight & Size Product Weight: 16kg
Package Weight: 18kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 79 x 47 x 17cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 83.5 x 55 x 28.5cm
Package Contents

1 x YIJIAN N1 Fat Burn Machine
1 x User Manual

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