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Note: Ultrasonic is not suitable for cleaning pearls, watches, electroplating metal, metal adhesive, and other objects, which are easy to be damaged during cleaning. Please refer to the instructions for details


45000Hz Vibration Frequency

The high-frequency vibration separates the air and water in the liquid, forming bubbles of 50-500μm, which expand and break under the action of sound pressure and reach the instantaneous impact force of 1000 atmospheres, constantly washing the surface of the object, making dust, bacteria, and oil stains achieve emulsification and stripping, cleaning the gap of micron level.

Efficient Cleaning Effect

Touch Button Design

Simple and elegant inherent Nordic design style, without heavy and complicated carving, simple, natural, simple texture each curve does not have mind, static desktop corner is concise and elegant.



Brand: EraClean
Type: Ultrasonic Cleaners 
Model: GA01
Color: White


Product Material: ABS+SUS304 Stainless Steel
Product Color: White

Time Alarm: 3 minutes 
Rated power: 15W
Rated voltage: 12V

Adapter: AC100-220V 2A
Ultrasonic Frequency: 45kHz

Weight & Size Product Weight: 345g
Product Size(L x W x H): 211×100.8×60.2mm
Slot Size: 158X68.5X38.5mm
Package Contents

1 x Era Clean Ultrasonic Cleaners
1 x Power Adapter 
1 x Certificate 
1 x User Manual

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