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Far Away From Radiation

The external host heats up, and the heat is circulated to warm the bed. The mattress has no current device, away from the electromagnetic radiation caused by the current and various safety hazards. Safe and radiation-free, children, pregnant women, and the elderly can use it with confidence.

Intelligent Constant Temperature

Using constant temperature precision control technology, 25 ° C -60 ° C wide temperature control range, no need to repeat debugging, the temperature is constant.

High-quality Materials

PTC ceramic heating rods is more resistant to pressure and durability, and a reinforced insulating layer is added externally to achieve water and electricity separation and safety.

Automatic Shut-down

The main engine adopts 12 protection devices to safely cope with the host's dumping, water shortage, overheating, etc., and it will shut down after 15 hours without operation.

Quiet And Eliminate Mites

The host adopts BLDC silent DC motor, the machine running noise is less than 25dB, which does not affect your sleep. The function of drying the quilt can remove 99% of the mites at the same time as dehumidification, so that the bed is dry and not damp and cold, and protect the family from dust mites.

APP And Voice Control


Open the mattress remotely through the MiHome app to warm up or adjust the temperature. Anti-night blind button design, can also be accurately adjusted after turning off the lights. Support AI voice, smart and convenient.



Brand: Chanitex
Type: Plumbing Mattress


Material: Polyester

Weight & Size Hose Specification: 8 x 5.5mm
Hose Capacity: 0.4L
Product Size: 2 x 1.5 x 0.02 m
Product Weight: 4.5kg
Package Contents

1 x Plumbing Mattress
1 x User Manual


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