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Magnetic Levitation Power Technology

High-frequency sound wave wide swing, driving air-flow and oral toothpaste liquid, fine foam to form a cleaning force, fully clean the teeth, disintegrate dental plaque, deep into the teeth to wash the blind area of the mouth say BYEBYE to "Coffee Teeth" & "Tea Teeth".

Noise-Reducting Motor

Only shock brush hair cleaning teeth low shock hand brush hair resistance still maintain stable swing, stable fuselage, hand low shock feel, easy to adapt to the first use, help novice control force to avoid excessive extrusion, violent tooth injury.

Customized DuPont Soft Bristles

Through FDA Food and drug safety testing, soft brush, the top of each bristle grinding process, no burr, soft and hard degree, to reduce the scratch of the mouth, tooth surface, and gingival bleeding sensitivity

Small Brush Head

Slim and round brush head, round fit mouth, flexible cleaning teeth, and gentle care of sensitive gums.

3D Vertical Cutting Brush Bristles

Low in the middle and high on both sides of the tooth surface, to form a wrapped tooth shape, to achieve deep cleaning.

3 Dental Cleaning & Care Modes

Sensitive block

For people with gingival sensitivity, implant, use of gingival after orthodontics,

Bright white block

1-2 times a week, brightening teeth

Clean block

2 times a day, daily cleaning

30-day Battery Life & Type-C Fast Charging Induction Base

PS: When the battery is fully charged, brush your teeth once in the morning and twice in the evening for 2 minutes, and the working time is 30 days.

Anti-Splash Design

Dampen the shock of a sudden start to ease discomfort and avoid the embarrassing splash of toothpaste bubbles.



Brand: ShowSee
Type: Electric Sonic Toothbrush
Model: D1-P
Color: Pink

Specification Product Model: D1-P
Product Color: Pink
Rated Input: 5V/0.5A
Rated Power: 2W
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Battery Capacity: 800mAh 
Battery Life: 30 Days
Brushing Mode: Clean/Bright White/Sensitive
Waterproof Grade: IPX7
Execution Standard: GB4706.1-2005, GB4706.9-2008
Weight & Size Product Weight: 115g
Product Size: 27x245mm
Package Contents 1 x Brush Handle
2 x Brush Head Protection Cover
2 x Brush Head
1 x Charging Base 
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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