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Powerful High-Speed Hair Dryer
Xiaomi Mijia H900 Hair Dryer has an ultra-high wind speed of 60m/s, intelligent temperature control of 50 times/sec, tens of millions of negative ion hair care, and 12 gears of wind temperature and wind speed.

106000rpm High-Speed Motor
The core power of this hair dryer comes from a high-speed digital motor, which has 13 impellers with a speed of up to 106,000 rotations per minute and continuously outputs surging airflow every second.

60m/s Wind Speed
The gentle airflow is sent to each hair strand at an ultra-high wind speed of 60m/s, quickly taking away the moisture from the hair tip. Hair dries quickly without being exposed to high heat.

50 Times/Sec Smart Temperature Control
The high-quality electronic thermal induction system performs temperature control and protection on the hair, adjusts the air temperature in real-time, effectively avoids heat damage to the hair, and cares for the hair and scalp.

2 Style Nozzles
The configured diffuser nozzle and collect wind nozzle are injection-molded with high-temperature heat-insulating materials, and equipped with magnetic suction technology, which is easy to install and can be rotated freely at 360 degrees.

Storage Bracket
The Xiaomi Mijia H900 hair dryer comes with a storage bracket, and the bracket is made of a frosted aluminum alloy body, which is integrally formed.


General Brand: Mijia
Type: Hair Dryer
Model: H900
Color: Grey
Specification Rated Voltage: 220V 
Rated Frequency: 50HZ 
Rated Power: 1400W
Weight & Size Package Weight: 0.8kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 114.6×75.9×252.1mm (Nozzle Not Included)
Package Size (L x W x H): 265x145x80mm
Package Contents 1 x Hair Dryer
1 x Wind Nozzle
1 x Diffusion Nozzle
1 x Bracket
1 x Manual

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