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Opening The Door Quickly

Your face is your key. When R5 successfully recognizes your face, the motor drives the lock cylinder to rotate and the door opens instantly.

Recognize Faces Accurately

3D face recognition technology can prevent photos, videos, and high-simulation mask attacks; regular dressing does not affect the opening of the door.

Wide Range Of Application

No matter how old the elderly are, they can use 3D face recognition to open the door. It can also identify people about 130cm-200cm in height, and children and tall people can easily open the door.

Open The Door In The Dark

Depending on the infrared fill light and 3D face recognition algorithm, even if the corridor is dull, it will instantly unlock.

Two anti-lock Modes

Automatic locking function, not afraid to forget to lock the door when going out; one-door locking function inside and outside, you can lock the door with one touch.

APP Control

If there is no one in the house, you can use the APP to open the arming function. When the thief exits the door from the house, the lock immediately sounds an alarm of up to 15 seconds and sends an alarm message to the APP.



Brand: Xiaomi DI
Type: Smart Door Lock
Color: Black


Applicable Door Thickness: 40mm-120mm
Appearance Material: aluminum alloy
Opening Method: face, face + password, password, mobile phone, key
Locking Method: click indoor and outdoor lock button
Automatic Lock: can be set from 10 seconds to 100 seconds
Password Length: 6 digits
Face Capacity: 20 digits
Communication Method: Bluetooth
Activation Method: Infrared auto-sensing activation, touch activation
Standby Time: a single battery for about 5 months

Weight & Size Product Size: Front: 390 x 78 x 70mm
Back: 380 x 78 x 69mm
Package Contents

1 x Smart Door Lock
1 x User manual


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