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Made with traditional handmade methods, handmade soap has a distinct national style.

Made from natural materials to maximize the retention of ginsenosides, vitamins, amino acids and some rare active ingredients in ginseng. It is mild and contains no preservatives and does not irritate the skin.

Multi-functional handmade soap is suitable for all types of skin and cleans the skin very effectively.



Type: Handmade Soap


Efficacy: Eliminate acne, remove mites, nourish and repair skin, nourish skin with rich nutrition, deep penetration, soft and nourishing.
Ingredients: 1 EV olive oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, ginseng extract, marine root extract, codonopsis ginseng extract, American ginseng extract, sand ginseng extract, sodium hydroxide.

Weight & Size Product Weight: 75g
Package Contents

1 x Handmade Soap
1 x Foaming Net
1 x Hook


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