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4.5W Laser Power & Engraving More Materials
Features 4.5W laser power and 0.05mm engraving precision, it is more powerful than other portable engraving machines. Engraving materials include wood material, leather, paper material, fabric, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. 

Safe Eye Protective Cover & Smoke Removal Fan
The built-in safety eye protective cover reduces harmful blue light from the laser, allowing you to safely observe the engraving process without harming your eyes when using appropriate goggles. The smoke removal fan prevents any fumes from the engraving process from affecting the final design and helps with heat dissipation.

Dual Mode Bluetooth Connection
You can connect your Android or iOS phone via Bluetooth connection. Once connected, you can select your design in the app and start the sculpting process. You can also connect to your Windows or Mac computer via the Type-C interface.

Wide Compatibility
WAINLUX Z4 laser engraver is compatible with Win7/8/10 and Mac systems, supports JPEG/JPG/GIF/BMP/PNG image formats, and there are four modes for engraving: black and white, discrete, and outline.

Lightweight & Portable
Configured with a portable handle and 0.68kg weight, WAINLUX Z4 is convenient to use and easy to carry everywhere. With the magnetic design, the machine and eye-protective cover can be connected easily and no need to adjust the focus anymore.

Quick Preview
Z4 laser engraving machine projects a preview of your image on the surface before engraving. It shows the planned dimensions of the engraving, making it very easy to see where your finished project will be.

Motion Protection & Overheat Monitoring
While engraving, if the internal temperature approaches its thermal threshold or it detects unexpected motion during operation, it will shut down immediately to ensure the safety of users and equipment.


General Brand: WAINLUX
Type: Laser Engraver
Model: Z4
Color: Grey
Specification Laser Power: 4.5W
Wavelength: 455nm
Laser: Blue
Max Cutting Thickness: 3mm
Laser Spot: 0.05×0.05mm
Engraving Area: 50x50mm
Applicable System: Win 7/8/10, Mac; Android, iOS
Connection Methods: Bluetooth 5.0, Type-C cable
Engraving Materials: wood material, leather, paper material, fabric, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics
Cutting Materials: board, cardboard, leather, fabric
Weight & Size Product Weight: 0.68kg
Package Weight: 1.75kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 37.5x22x16.5cm
Package Contents 1 x Laser Engraver
1 x User Manual

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