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1. 属于甩脂机里面尺寸比较大的机器,达到30" x 17" x 5.6",承重330磅,底角有四个防滑吸盘式脚垫。
2. 200W额定功率,强力静音电机,每个预设模式下工作10分钟,可连续工作60分钟。
3. 全身肌肉锻炼,包括脚、腿部、臀部、腹部、胳膊。板面上有模拟三组锻炼模强度,从中间到两侧分别为散步、慢跑、快跑。
4. 甩脂机设置三组预设锻炼模式和99档速度模式,配合各种健身动作如双臂交叉达到锻炼全身的目的。
5. 甩脂机可以通过遥控器和跑步机触摸面板调节,面板显示模式,时间,音乐,速度等,机器点亮时,语音提示蓝牙连接可用,并有彩色灯带在面板上显示。
6. 本款甩脂机支持USB和蓝牙连接,并且有一对弹力绳可以挂在机器两侧。
7. 主要部件提供一年质保、配件可补发。

参数 : 
额定功率: 200W
电频: 50/60HZ
电压: 110V
噪音: 40db
振幅: 0-10mm
尺寸:  30" x 17" x 5.6"
净重: 30.8 lbs/ 14 kg
承重: 330 lbs
箱规: 32" x 19" x 7.3" / 81.4*48*18.4cm
毛重: 32.8 lbs/ 14.8 kg
甩脂机机身 X 1pcs
弹力绳 X 2pcs
电源线 X 1pcs
遥控器 X 1pcs
说明书 X 1pcs
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Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Platform, Whole Body Vibrarating Machine Viberation Board w/Elastic Pull Up Rope
1. The large size 30" x 17" x 5.6" of main body makes you feel stable and sturdy on the vibration plate, that can hold max user weight 330LBS. Attached 4 suckers on the bottom reduce the impact on your floor and also providing a secure, nonslip grip.
2. A 200W power motor works quietly for your home workout, it provides smooth and strong power to fit different programs and stimulate all of your muscles properly. The machine works for 10 minutes by each program and 60 minutes totally.
3. The vibration plate provides different vibratings for full body i.e. foot, leg, buttock, abdomen and arms. The platform of vibration machine provides 3 WORKOUT STANDING POSITIONS of (1) walking, (2) jogging and (3) running that can help sulpt, transform and redefine your whole body!
4. The vibration plate offers 3 different pre-set programs and vibration intensity from 1-99 to fit different needs and various exercise modes with cross pulls, push ups, squats, yoga, lunges, bicep curls, core, laterals etc..
5. Through the LED touch control panel or wireless hand controller, you can operate the vibrating machine easily, the pannel shows Mode, Time, Music, Speed etc..
6. This device support USB connect, a Bluetooth music speaker is convinient to connect to your phone or tablet that makes you enjoy exercise more. The elastic resistance bands help further strength your arms, they're easily hanged to the machine and other equipments by the hooks.
7. We offer prompt reponse that is available with 24 hours, with a warranty of free replacement of main parts for 1 year.
8. The color of this palte  is silver ,and the picture can't show obviously.Please pay atttention to  your description in case confusing.
Specification : 
  • Rated power: 200W
  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Noise Standard: 40db
  • Amplitude: 0-10mm
  • UL/ FCC certified electric parts
  • Dimension:  30" x 17" x 5.6" / 76*44*14cm 
  • N.W. : 30.8 lbs/ 14 kg
  • Max Loading: 330lbs
Carton Size: 32" x 19" x 7.3" / 81.4*48*18.4cm, G. W.: 32.8 lbs/ 14.8 kg
  • Vibration platform machine X 1pcs
  • Resistance bands X 2pcs
  • Power Cable X 1pcs
  • Remote control X 1pcs
  • User manual X 1pcs
详情请联系 QQ 641579921 Summer 微信同号

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