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1. This matrix extruder has dual drive with adjustable tension idler, and the filament path is very short.
2. Its extrusion system is compact, and it features a thin-walled bi-metal heat breaker.
3. Compatible with Prusa, Ender 3 /3 PRO/ 5, CR-10/CR-10S, etc.


General Brand: Trianglelab
Type: Matrix Extruder
Model: 24V
Color: Black
Specification Drive Type: Dual drive with adjustable tension idler
Max Printing Temperature: 285 Celsius (upgradable to 450 Celsius)
Mass: 357g (including hotside)
Nominal Steps Per mm(16x): 335.4 steps per mm (further calibration required)
Motor Current: 1.2A
Filament Diameter and Tolerances: 1.75±0.05mm
Max Pushing Force: 8.6kg Generic PLA 10mm/min @24V Driver
Weight & Size Package Weight: 0.5kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 10x12x18cm
Package Contents 1 x Matrix Extruder

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