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32-bit Automatic Air Assist Motherboard
It has an air assist interface and the automatic air pump is controlled on and off by the M8 air assist switch of the LightBurn software. It can effectively solve the problem of air-assisted yellowing wood boards, realizing cutting/air-assisted opening, and engraving/air-assisted closing.

30L/min Automatic Air Pump
The DC 12V air pump is directly turned on and off by the main board. Its air pressure output is stable, and its sturdy design makes it durable.

12V/7A Power Adapter
With a powerful 12V/7A power supply, this device can load an air pump + 5W laser or air pump + 10W laser, and when you upgrade from 5W to 10W laser, you don’t need to buy an additional adapter.

Complete Installation Tool Kit
This package contains complete installation tools, including screw wrenches, etc., which can maintain the original shape and function of the machine.


General Brand: SCULPFUN
Type: Automatic Air Assist Kit 12V Version
Specification Compatible Models: SCULPFUN S9/S10
Adapter Voltage: 12V/7A
Air Pump Volume: 30L/min
Air Pump Voltage: 12V DC
Air Pump Interface Outer Diameter: 8mm
Motherboard Information: 12V-24V compatible, with air-assisted control cable interface
Weight & Size Package Weight: 2.03kg
Package Size(L x W x H):  290x255x120mm
Package Contents 1 x 32bit Auto Air Assist Mainboard
1 x 12V DC Air Pump 30L/min
1 x 12V/7A Power Adapter
1 x Installation Kit

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