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Hip-up elastic circle, wake up hip vitality, improve hip curve, and train hip-up.

2mm thick, not easy to curl, high elastic and durable, meticulous workmanship.

Compact and portable, you can practice your whole body anytime, anywhere.

It helps shape the arms, tightens the back lines and stretches the whole body.

Using high-quality latex, high elasticity, high flexibility, 3 times stretching will not break.

It can be used for yoga training, strength training, speed training, and other training exercises.

It is suitable for various scenarios and can be used anytime, anywhere on business trips, vacations, and offices.



Type: Beautiful Hip Belt
Color: Black

Specification Material: Polyester Cotton + Latex Silk
Uses: Strength exercises, bodybuilding, weight loss
Weight & Size Product Weight: 0.11kg
Package Weight: 0.15kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 
740 x 80 x 4mm
Package Contents

1 x Beautiful Hip Belt

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