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Beautiful cat comfort game tower

Give your cat a pleasant and safe place to play and relax. Providing privacy and comfortable sleep for curious cats, it also allows all sizes and ages of cats to exist peacefully.

Perfect design

Equipped with a staircase, a spacious residence, and a comfortable hammock to satisfy cats.

Stratified sisal itching

Covered with a plush fabric and sword rope spiral tube, your cat will enjoy jumping, scratching and stretching. With this durable multi-layer mobile tree, your furniture can be protected and your cat will be able to meet their meets.

Durable, stable and safe

It is made of high-quality plush to ensure maximum comfort during afternoon sleep. The base plate, super thick strut and anti-tilting tape are designed for extended service life and stability, so the cat tower will not tip over during daily use.



Type: Cat Tree Climbing Tower
Color: Beige


Material: P1 board
               Sisal Rope

Weight & Size Dimensions(W x D x H):120cm x 60cm x 75cm
Package Contents

1 x Cat Tree Climbing Tower
1 x Assembly Instructions


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