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Luminous Power
LU2-10A 24V 10W Laser Module has a real luminous power of 10 W and a focal spot of 0.07 x 0.06 mm; with a smaller luminous cavity and small focal point, the laser head is perfect for engraving high-precision patterns.

Default Focal Length
The default focal length of the laser module is 50 mm; the safe engraving distance frees you from worrying about the safety hazards of the laser.

High Precision
High-precision control of the laser beam, more stable and continuous output power; up to 8,000 hours ultra-long service life.

Protective Laser Shield
The protective laser shield effectively reduces the damage to the eyes caused by the laser; kind reminder: do not stare at the laser for a long time which will cause irreversible damage.

Fast Heat Dissipation
With aluminum housing and radiator, the heat can be quickly dissipated so that the machine will not overheat when it runs for a long time.


General Brand: Ortur
Type: Laser Module 
Model: LU2-10A 24V 10W
Specification Optical Power: 10W
Focal Spot: 0.07x 0.06 mm
Light Path: Focused Beam
Focal Length: 50 mm
Electric Current: 1.1-1.35A
Wavelength: 445±10 nm
Voltage: 24V
Weight & Size Product Weight: 10.3 ounces
Product Size(L x W x H): 8.66 x 3.14 x 3.14 inches
Package Contents 1 x LU2-10A Laser Module
1 x OUC Universal Adapter Board
1 x 24V 2A Power Adapter
1 x Dedicated Laser Wire
1 x Air Assist
1 x Air Pipe
1 x Slider
10 x Cable Tie
4 x M3*5mm Screw
4 x M3*8mm Screw
1 x Laser Shield
2 x Thumb Screw
1 x Air Flow Regulator
1 x Pipe Connector

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