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20W Powerful Cutting
Longer RAY5 20W laser engraver adopts the highest power quad-core diode laser engraving and cutting, which can cut 0.05mm stainless steel sheets, and cut 10mm basswood, 15mm pine, and 8mm acrylic in one pass.

0.08*0.1mm High Accuracy Laser Spot
With newly upgraded 32 bits chipsets, the motherboard works more smoothly and stably. The advanced built-in 256-bit color scale with 0.08*0.1mm ultra-fine laser focus area achieves a finer engraving result and a higher contrast effect.

3.5inch Color Touchscreen & 4 Connection Methods
It has a built-in 3.5-inch color touchscreen with a user-friendly interface. You can directly operate the machine through the touchscreen, such as checking the engraving progress, adjusting the engraving speed, or other operations. And it supports WiFi, APP, USB cable, and TF cards data transmission.

Multi-Color Engraving
The 20W high-energy laser beam instantly oxidizes the metal surface, bringing rich colors to fulfill your colorful creative needs.

5 Safety Protections
Laser emergency stop will be triggered when tilted, flame, data connection interruption, and laser head freezing over 15 seconds are detected. In addition, the panoramic filter glass can effectively filter the laser and protect the eyes, safer to use.

Multiple Machines Control
One computer can control multiple RAY5 laser engravers work parallelly, Whether it is RAY5 5W, RAY5 10W, or RAY5 20W, and improve the production efficiency.

Wide Compatibility
RAY5 20W laser engraver is compatible with various mature carving software, such as LaserGRBL, and LightBurn, and supports Windows 7+, macOS, and Linux; carving file formats support JPG, PNG, BMP, G- code, GIF, SVG, NC, GC, etc.


General Brand: LONGER
Type: Laser Engraver
Model: RAY5 20W
Color: Black
Specification Laser Technology: Dioser Technology
Working Area: 375×375 mm
Laser Wavelength: 450 – 460 nm
Focal Length: Fixed Focus-40mm
Optical Output Power: 18 – 21 W
Power Max Consumption: 120W
Engraver Output: DC 24V 5A
Engraver Input: AC 110V
Z Axis-Height Range: Up to 47mm
Fastest Working Speed: Speed 10000mm/min
Software: LaserGRBL & LightBum
Input Image Format: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, SVG, AI, etc.
Connection Type: USB/TF Card/WiFi
Limit Switches: Yes
Air Assist Interface: Yes
Weight & Size Package Weight: 5.51Kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 610 x 670 x 200mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 621 x 347 x 127mm
Package Contents 1 x X-Axis Frame
1 x Laser Module
1 x Timing Belt
1 x Limit Switch
1 x Rear Frame
1 x Left Frame
1 x Right Frame
1 x Front Frame
1 x Power Cable
1 x Safety Glasses
1 x USB Cable
1 x Plywood
1 x Support Feet
1 x Control Box
1 x Card Reader & TF Card
1 x Cable Tie
1 x Wooden Brush
1 x Nylon Isolation Column
1 x Laser Focus Plate
4 x Corner Groove
4 x T-shaped Screw
2 x M5 Flat Washer
1 x Wrench
4 x M5*25
8 x M5*16
1 x M5*8
4 x M5*6
2 x M3*6
4 x Allen Wrench
2 x Thumb Screw
1 x User Manual

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