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Creativity Storage Bag
LaserPecker 2 zip-up storage bag is designed for Laserpecker fans' individual requirements, it is stylish, decorative, eye-catching, and eco-friendly, making our lives easy and enhancing our quality of life.
Portable & Space-saving
It is a space-saving and portable storage bag, and a safe place to store your LaserPecker 2 basic edition and its all accessories.
Sturdy & Strong
LaserPecker 2 zip storage bag adopts higher-quality nylon materials, and can be easy to use, transport, reuse, and recycle.




Brand: LaserPecker
Type: Storage Bag
Color: Grey


Material: Nylon

Weight & Size

Product Weight: 0.5kg
Package Weight: 0.65kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 30x28x16cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 32x30x18cm

Package Contents

1 x LaserPecker 2 Big Storage Bag

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