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Product appearance patent.

With remote control, remote start, warm up the space in advance.

The fuel tank lid is breathable and comfortable, and it does not leak oil and smell. This is a new process.

Electric vehicles Instructions:

The electric vehicle battery is 48v or 60v or 72v. Customers of this type of car can buy a converter to convert to 24v



Brand: None
Fuel parking heater
Model: GYL016-24V
Color: Red

Specification Rated Voltage: 24V
Fuel: Diesel fuel
Heating Power [W]: 5000
Power Consumption [W]: 25
Fuel Consumption [l / H]: 0.2—0.5

Applicable Models: For large trucks, engineering vehicles
Noise: about 20-30 dB
Weight & Size Product Weight: 7.5kg
Package Weight: 8kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 
39 x 15 x 14CM
Package Size(L x W x H): 43 x 45 x 30CM
Package Contents

1 x control panel 
1 x remote control (including battery)
1 x fuel tank
1 x wiring harness
1 x air outlet pipe
1 x air vent
1 x intake pipe 
1 x exhaust pipe
1 x oil pump
1 x fixing plate
1 x oil pipe
1 x grease nipple
1 x fastener
1 x mounting kit

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