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1. Use this heated knee brace to relieve knee pain associated with arthritis, bursitis, strain, sprain, and meniscus tear.

2. Built-in mesh bag, which can be put in an ice pack for a cold compress, or a moxa bag for moxibustion.

3. It is designed with two bifurcated straps, which are convenient to wear, and the elasticity can be adjusted according to needs.

4. With 1 button control and 3 temperature control gears, it is very easy to operate and can fully control the heating temperature and time



Type: Heating Knee Pad
Color: Black


Product Material: diving fabric
Fixed Output: 7.9V DC
3 Temperature Settings:
High Temperature (red): 65 Celsius, high temperature, the recommended use time is 10 minutes;
Medium Temperature (white): 55 Celsius, relatively hot, and the recommended use time is 30 minutes;
Low Temperature (blue): 45 Celsius, warm, and can be used for a long time

Weight & Size

Package Weight: 0.276kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 25x16x4cm

Package Contents

1 x Heating Knee Pad
1 x Charging Cable with Adapter
1 x User Manual

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